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Q: How is the PS3 exactly fixed, by doing it D.I.Y?

A: Many issues within your PS3 could cause your PS3 too get the YLOD/Red Light of Death or a range of other problems. In our kit, you are helped to identify the issue, and this can be done in a matter of minutes. It could be the motherboard, the HDD or any other things, which the guide will fix with common household items.

Q: Are these methods found anywhere else?

A: No, they are completely unique to us.

Q: I tried to repair the Yellow/Red Light before, using other methods, but was unsuccessful. Does your guide have these methods?

A: The methods we use to repair your PS3 are unique to us and are guaranteed to work.

Q: Is there a preview I can view, before I decide to purchase?

A: You may view the preview to our guides here

Q: Am I guaranteed lifetime access?

A: Yes, you are guaranteed lifetime access, so that if an issue should arise in the future, you will still have access to the fix procedures!

Q: How hard is the fix to carry out?

A: Easy. I have combined my years of experience into an easy to follow guide, that I have tried to make as easy as possible. You are taken through a step-by-step process. You don't need to be an expert (you can quite easily be a beginner)!

Q: Does this fix include the blu-ray drive?

A: Yes, it does. You can do-it-yourself, very easily!

Q: Does this fix all PS3 models?

A: Yes it does, right from the PS3 20GB, right through to the latest 'Slim'.

Q: I don't like to read.

A: That's fine. We have helpful, easy to follow videos, which accompany the guide!

Q: What guarantee do you offer?

A: I am so convinced that you will fix your PS3, that I've offered you a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, NO QUESTION'S ASKED!

Q: Are the prices of this product in US Dollars or Australian Dollars?

A: They are in US Dollars, and upon checkout, the prices convert to your currency for convenience.

Q: Is the fee one-time? There are no other associated fees after I purchase?

A: YES! I am not here to rip you off! I care a lot about my customers, so you only get charged a one-time fee!

Q: I have another question, that isn't here.

A: You can contact us and we will be more than delighted to help you out with our 24/7 support.

Q: Can I really have my PS3 repaired in under an hour?

A: Yes, provided you follow the easy-to-follow instructions we set out for you!

Q: What exactly will this guide fix?

A: Our program fixes a range of problems that plague the PS3. It will fix the Yellow/Red/Green Light of Death (or also known as YLOD) and will also fix the beeping sounds, as well as the red screen of death, or any PS3 error code. It can also fix any Blu-Ray drive errors and a Black Screen. If you've got a PS3 problem we will fix it! If you are unsure, simply shoot us an email or give a call!

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: Well, let me first say that I am an experienced PS3 repairman, with my expertise being in the PS3 field. Since launching in 2009, I have thousands of happy customers who recommend me to friends and family, so I am offering all of this in an easy to follow set.

Q: Is this repair kit digital or physical?

A: Good question. I know that you want to get started now and not have to wait for postage, so I've made the decision to make it all digital; you get access to the members page right away, after purchase! WE ALSO HAVE AN OPTION TO PURCHASE OUR CD PACK.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, or eChecks. All of these payment methods are done through a 128 bit secure server.

Q: Are there any viruses or spyware within the files of my program?

A: NO. We hate viruses and spyware as much as you do and the files have been checked thoroughly for your guarantee.

Q: Where is the members section? I've lost the link!

A: Please go to https://www.ps3lightsfix.com/members (bookmark this: Ctrl-D)

Q: I forgot my username and password to the members section?

A: Contact us, and provide us proof of purchase (e.g. order number) and we'll be more than happy to provide you your username and password.

Q: Which method of repair is the best?

A: Simply put, the PS3 Yellow/Red/Green Light mostly occurs because of a motherboard glitch. So to fix this, use the 'Motherboard Fix'.

Q: The .PDF file won't open and displays and 'error'. How do I fix this?

A: To fix this, you need to update Adobe Reader and your internet browser. If this doesn't work, then contact us and we'll be of an assistance.

Q: I'd like a refund.

A: Sure, though we do give you one chance to get help from us. If you would still like a refund, then contact us again and we'll process it instantly.